Tesla Model X 60D: Cheapest Entry-Level Model X Dropped From Lineup [VIDEO]


Three months after its introduction, Tesla cut the Model X 60D off from its listings.

Touted as the most affordable Electric SUV to date, the Tesla Model X 60D was pulled out of Tesla's unit listings after being introduced in July. According to CNET, at a price of $74,000, it is still cheaper compared to its closest priced 75D at $85,500. The $11,500 price difference between the two models would also give customers a lower driving range down to a minimum of 200 miles due to its software that limits the 60D's 75 kWh battery to 60 kWh, which is 37 miles less of the 75D with a range of 237 miles on a single charge.

The battery limitation, however, can be removed for an additional $9,500 to the base price, making it still cheaper by $2,000 against the 75D. The buyer has the option to purchase the base Tesla Model X 60D, and have the limitation removed, or simply purchase the 75D without the software battery limitation. It is safe to assume that most customers would opt for the second option.

With that said, this might be the reason why Tesla scrapped the unit off just 3 months after its introduction. We can assume that sales of the Model X 60D are not making the cut, and for a small automaker, it seemed to be the right course of action.

This is not surprising since Tesla has done this sort of thing before when it pulled out the Model X 70D with the smallest battery pack in favour of the 75D. Tesla reasons out that their customers want more power and range than what the 60D could offer; however, 60D comes with the same battery pack as that of the 75D, only its full battery capacity is limited by a software.

Meanwhile, according to Slash Gear, Tesla is aiming to acquire alternative energy company SolarCity. It is said that Tesla intends to use SolarCity's expertise to produce a new solar roof.

In a tweet, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk announced that the company is aiming for an Oct. 28 reveal of the new roof that they plan to show off in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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