J'ustice League' News: Former Superman To Make A Cameo Appearance In The Movie? [VIDEO]


The popular Comic book movie "Superman" have always made its fans get hooked into its previous films. Zak Snyder's "Justice League" may possibly come soon. There was also a special screening that was held for Superman II in Sydney, Australia last weekend.

One major cast of this film revealed something about his appearance for "Justice League" in 2017. The film has a Q&A portion when the screening finished. Marc McClure and Sarah Douglas were seated as panels. McClure's character is Jimmy Olsen, while Douglas played Ursa.

McClure was asked if he will be participating in current or upcoming "Superman projects". He talked about his role on an upcoming TV series, Powerless. It is a show that tells about the story of a group of lawyers. Since he already mentioned that his role will be appearing again, he left a clue about his participation in the Justice League movie, according to

He also revealed that he would appear in a movie towards the end of 2017. "Justice League" is expected to premiere in Nov. 2017. It seems like this is a good chance to see Jimmy Olsen in the DCEU again. It is already known that this character seemed to have been killed off in Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice. Fans were entirely disappointed about this untimely death.

Batman News has released a trivia about the character of Jimmy Olsen. Zack Snyder initially met with Jesse Eisenberg about the role. Snyder however thought that casting a popular actor would be shocking to the fans - knowing that the character is intended to be suddenly killed. Olsen played the role of the photographer who went along Lois Lane in Africa. In the theatrical version of the film, his name was not mentioned. But in the "Ultimate Edition", he introduced himself to Lois Lane before he was killed minutes later.

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