'Overwatch' Update: New Details About Character Sombra Leaked; Official Release Coming Soon? [VIDEO]


A first glimpse of "Overwatch's" new character has been spoiled and flooded online sites just recently; a circumstance that necessarily disrupts the planned release date of its developer, Blizzard. However, it is yet unsure whether the company is going to include the leak after the hacker exposed the charatcter known as 'Sombra' exposed some spoilers of her character in the ongoing alternate reality video game.

Images of the new character have flooded online sites such as Imgur, Gyazo and DeviantArt among others. According to reports, the character spoiled in the web is named 'Sombra' and her image was posted by a hacker who is considered one of the most dangerous in the world. The image seems to come from an internal site controlled by Blizzard but until now, the sources of the image isnt known yet. 

The image seems to appear as a sort of description of Sombra, the spoiled character. According to rumors, the hacker is working for the Mexican Los Muerto gang. Furthermore, reports say that the character works for the Talon organization, an institution which other "Overdrive" characters work such as Widowmaker and Reaper. 

The character could be seen as carrying a submachine gun and seems to be wearing a kind of gloves.

The leak is sourced out from a Russian group, according to a post on the Overwatch subreddit.

This leak may also lead to provide details on fresh gameplay modes in theupcoming Overwatch game.

In a video updated by the developer released earlier this week, game director Jeff Kaplan shares that the team was actually working on developing greater numbers for the game. Furthermore, he shares that one hero they are currently developing is actually coming really well, and games are going to get a glimpse of it anytime soon, as reported by Polygon earlier this week.

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