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Apple VS Samsung Rivalry Continues : Trial Leads to Supreme Court [VIDEO]


The competition between Samsung and Apple with regard to patent issues has not concluded yet. In fact, Apple and Samsung are set to see each other at the Unted States Supreme Court on Tuesday to settle a patent case, which originated in 2012 where the former won over court's decision.

Samsung said that Apple's victory suffocates the possibility of innovating technology; however, the latter counter argues that when the court let the former win, the protection of new designs will be compromised.

The conflict between these two giants could actually be sourced out from the patent case filed in the year 2012, for the patented devices that have rectangular and round-cornered facade and surrounding rim. During this case, Apple was favored by the court and has been awarded a total of $1.05 billion to charge for damages, as reported by Itech Post.

Samsung demands that the court should provide a guidelines on the limitations of design patents as well as the guidelines on the kind of damages that could be collected. However, the Supreme Court's perspective only views the secondary issue: When a particular patented design is integrated into a product, does this mean that the profit of the infringer be only limited to the profits that could be yielded to that component?

On the other side of the coin, Apple's argument was sympathized by tons of professionals such as Alexander Wang and Calvin Klein, saying that the profit Apple could get might be compromised when Samsung has a similar look to Apple's smartphones.

The decision will be yielded at early 2017. Apple gaining the win over Samsung would mean more time for patent cases and would shed light to other cases of the similar matter. However, if the court favors Samsung limiting the amount on patents that would exactly mean that a lot of trials are going to be pursued,  according to CNET News.

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