'Pokemon Go' Tips & Tricks To Find Chansey And Porygon [VIDEO]


Despite several reports claiming that Niantic's mobile sensation is losing its luster, more and more players seem to be jumping on the "Pokemon Go" bandwagon in a bid to get their hands on their favorite monster.

Capturing some Pokemon could be quite laborious and that's exactly why some players resort to "Pokemon Go" tips, tricks, cheats and hacks. Lately, players have had trouble capturing Chansey and Porygon in Pokemon Go. In line with this, here's a guide on how to capture the especially hard-to-find Pokemon creatures.

Tips To Find Chansey

The Pokemon comes in 10km eggs, which are the rarest in the game. As soon as players get one, they should pop it into an egg incubator without wasting any time.

It's tough to hatch the Pokemon from a 10km eggs, wherein chances are as low as 3 percent. Nevertheless, players might get lucky provided they hatch enough, Attack Of The Fanboy reported.

Chancey, a Normal Type Pokemon, does not have specific biomes to spawn, like in a water or in the desert. However, some "Pokemon Go" experts have discovered that they will appear more often near residential areas and universities. Apparently, the latter is the biggest place on where to find the said Pokemon.

Tips To Find Porygon

Players can find a Porygon simply by hatching it from an egg. The coveted Pokemon hatches from a 5km egg that is quite common in the game. Players will have to purchase egg incubators since the chance of hatching the Pokemon is not too great, think sub-5 percent

An ideal place to find Porygon is inside government buildings, which includes local court house or the DMV.

Meanwhile, Niantic is gearing up to roll out a new "Pokemon Go" update for Android and iOS devices, wherein the time it takes to evolve the creature has been significantly reduced. Moreover, the evolution animation time has been cut down.

Version 0.41.2 for iOS and 1.11.2 for Android has not hit the app stores for everyone yet, Nintendo Insider reported.


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