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'Pokemon Go' Cheat: The Ultimate Cheat That Seems To Get Apple's Approval Is Here [VIDEO]


Avid gamers who play "Pokemon Go" on the iOS platform are compelled to playing fair since most of the game hacks are up for grabs on Android version. Nevertheless, there are some apps that manage to bypass the iTunes scanning process like PokeGod app.

Despite several reports claiming that "Pokemon Go's" count of players who pay for in-app purchases is going downhill, Niantic's mobile sensation continues to grow and so are the numbers of cheaters in the game. Niantic has been laying down a strong ban hammer on those using "Pokemon Go" tips, tricks, cheats, and hacks to level up in the game. It's no secret either that the game developer doesn't approve the use of bots and third-party apps. This is to make sure that everyone gets equal chance of capturing the critters and ranking up.

PokeGOD - The Best Cheating Tool?

Formerly known as PokeBot, PokeGod is a spoofing application that enables "Pokemon Go" players to use a bot to simulate walking to specific destination and capturing Pokemon, and it is being legitimately sold in the iOS App Store. This is surprising on so many levels, especially considering that the application publicizes itself as a real Pokemon Go cheating app.

PokeGOD allows you to catch Pokemon and collect items from spinning PokeStops without actually leaving the comforts of your home.

How Does PokeGOD Work?

The app basically simulates your "Pokemon Go" account's location and mimics a walk between your current location and the location of your PokeStop/Pokemon, Enstarz reported.

Upon reaching the specific destination, the app informs "Pokemon Go" that you are actually at that region, and then try to catch/spin. The app determines the shortest path between your location and the target, and then simulates the walk at regular biking speed in order to ward off detection.

Much to the dismay of Android users, PokeGOD is only available for iOS devices at the moment. You can buy the app for $1.99 in the iOS App Store. You can watch the unlisted PokeGOD demo video in this BGR article.

Meanwhile, here's the "Pokemon Go" latest news:

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