'Pokemon Go' Update: Niantic To Make Catching Rare Characters Easier With A New Update [VIDEO]


Amidst rumors indicating that "Pokemon Go" has lost a considerable percentage of its paying players, Niantic Labs is trying to lure back players, and it's doing so by making the process of capturing rare Pokemon characters a bit easier for them.

The imminent update is dubbed as a "sneak peek" on the game's website, which implies there could actually be more in the offing. Based on the official description, players will earn medals for every Pokemon type which will grant them a "catch bonus." Apparently, this will give you a more concrete chance of capturing that specific type of Pokemon.

Gym Training Gets Easier

Trainers will now be able to bring six Pokemon to a friendly gym rather than just four, Niantic Labs announced in a blog post. It's important for trainers to bear in mind that you're only able to use a single Pokemon to square off against a gym's unified defense team.

This is contrary to when you're battling against a rival team's gym, where you're allowed to use a full team of six pocket monster to conquer it.

This is all about to change with the imminent update as Niantic has guaranteed that players will be able to train friendly gyms with the same number of Pokemon as you can use to raid rival team's gyms. The change is quite a welcome one as this will make it much easier to strengthen a gym and collect rewards from holding it.

Buddy Pokemon

Another feature included in the impending update is a "buddy" Pokemon which acquires candy while the trainer is walking around. Meanwhile, there have been quite a few incarnations of the scanning process as well - firstly getting rid of the three-step display and then by introducing real-life imagery.

There's hearsay that the hit augmented reality mobile game is losing its luster as more and more avid gamers are reported to be no longer interested in jumping on the "Pokemon Go" bandwagon. This could be an attempt to bring players back.

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