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'Pokemon Go' Update: Finding Charizard And Other Rare Pokemon Just Got A Lot Easier; See Traditional Approach To Capture Charizard [VIDEO]


Despite some reports claiming that "Pokemon Go" is starting to lose its buzz, avid gamers around the world are still going berserk about catching some extremely elusive Pokemon, including Charizard.

The hiding skills of these tricky Pokemon matches the abilities of some rare Pokemon, and capturing them could get quite laborious once in a while. Without further ado, here's what you need to know:

There are nests spread out around the world where specific Pokemon are more likely to make an appearance. For instance, if you spend enough time around a Charmander nest, you'll eventually notice a Charmander spawn on the map.

Lately, reports have been doing rounds on The Silph Road indicating that Pokemon evolutions are now spawning at nests, which was seemingly impossible initially. Redditor carypalmer on The Silph Road had all the nests in SA/Austin fixed and monitored for about 4 hours, and noticed that the scanner showed Nidorinos at Nidoran nests, Sandslashes at Sandshrew nests, along with others.

Zealous "Pokemon Go" researchers are leaving no stone unturned in bid to determine how exactly these events are occurring, but if it proves to be true, you'd catch sight of the evolved versions of your favorite Pokemon more often in the wild hereafter, Otakukart reported.

Traditional Approach To Capture Charizard

Meanwhile, "Pokemon Go" players can stick to the traditional way of collecting Charmander Candy to evolve into Charmeleon, and then finally into Charizard. Make sure you get your hands on as many Charmanders as possible and then trade them for Candy.

Alternatively, you can hatch 2km eggs to spawn a Charmander. Trainers require 125 Charmander Candy to transform the creature into Charizard.

Once you've collected 125 Charmander Candy in the game, head to the Charmander to evolve. Upon hitting the button, Charmander will evolve into Charmeleon. Using another 100 Candy, hit the evolve button again to transform Charmeleon into Charizard.

Stay tuned in here for more "Pokemon Go" tips, tricks, cheats and hacks!

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