MacBook Pro 2016 Releases With No Headphone Jack? News Upsets College Students


way different now than before. Back in the 'old days,' students only needed a computer to check mails, research a few things and type their research papers. Things you can also do on a MacBook Pro 2016.

Now, they need a laptop for their everyday learning. Courses are being disseminated through the internet. Students need information real time. And most students write faster with the use of a laptop. But a laptop is not just an essential tool for learning. It is also a lifestyle device.

Which is why the MacBook Pro 2016 presents issues for a lot of users, cites Express. Many speculate that the new MacBook will arrive without a headphone jack - the same disadvantage many saw in the latest iPhone 7. Known for its gradual style of release, students anticipate that the MacBook laptop will just make it difficult for them.

For one, the headphone jack is essential for recording artists, gamers, recorders, and all sorts of industry professionals. For students, even the simplest form of listening to music is going to be an issue with this new MacBook.

For professionals, especially for those who listen to audio-visual files and tools often use a specific headphone. Heavy duty and sensitive audio headphones, or even speakers, are something they use on and off the job. And if the new MacBook 2016 comes out without the usual headphone jack, then this presents to be a problem.

The new iPhone 7 already presents a problem to college students with the new mobile device. It is the same plug for their charger. Which means the wear and tear of the jack is twice as disadvantageous. And if you need to charge your phone, you have to remove the headphones in order to get it recharged.

If Apple skips the headphone jack on the MacBook 2016 like it did on the iPhone, it is unsure if college and university students are going to upgrade to the latest version.

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