'GTA 6' Release Date, Rumors & Other News: Rockstar To Release Next Installment In 'GTA' Series In 2018; Rockstar Steam Sale Details!

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Rockstar Games' "Grand Theft Auto" is without question, one of the most anticipated video game franchises of all time. The first installment was released in 1997, and since then every consecutive "GTA" title has been a very highly rumored, and anticipated release. Ever since the highly sought-after fifth installment, "GTA 5" was released back in 2013, rumor mills have been churning all sort of speculations around the next release, "GTA 6."

'GTA 6,' A No-Show At Sony's PlayStation Meeting

Zealous "GTA" fans were hoping to hear some sort of news regarding the highly anticipated "GTA 6" during the recently concluded PlayStation meeting, but much to the dismay of avid gamers, not even a single Rockstar representative was spotted at the event. Sony, on the other hand, unveiled its new PlayStation 4 and the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro, ValueWalk reported.

Before the event took place, rampant rumors suggested that Rockstar will be making a surprise appearance at the PlayStation meeting, but as we know, that wasn't the case. Following Rockstar's no-show at the event, several new reports surfaced online hinting that the studio is cancelling development on "GTA 6" altogether in bid to focus its time and energy on the to further augment "GTA 5," along with other video game franchises.

More Time Needed To Finish 'GTA 6'

While Rockstar continues to focus its time on enhancing the "GTA 5" world along with other titles including "Red Dead Redemption," The game developer is certainly not planning to cancel the fan-favorite title.

With the release dates for games consoles such as PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox Scorpio closing in, and new gaming technologies including 4K and VR (virtual reality) in the offing and an overall comprehensive evolution in video gaming realm, Rockstar wants to leave no stone unturned to perfect "GTA 6." In other words, the studio will not release an undeveloped product just to satisfy eager fans.

More 'GTA 6' News Expected In 2017

Although "GTA 6" is still not an officially confirmed game title, a few optimistic gamers believe that now is the right time to announce the next game, as it has been three years since the last title was released.

Many experts, however, believe that "GTA 6" will hit the store shelves sometime in 2018. It's worth noting that this speculation would coincide with the ideal 4 to 5-year timeline adopted by Rockstar Games' franchise.

If the studio follows its release pattern, players should expect to see the game released in 2018. Meanwhile, others speculate that Rockstar will release the game at next year's E3 conference.

If these speculations are anything to go by, fans have no need to worry; they just need to be patient.

'GTA 5,' 'Bully' And More Discounted In Rockstar Steam Sale

Meanwhile, Rockstar Games has a slew of its games including "GTA 5," Bully, and "Max Payne 3" discounted on Steam until Monday, September 26 at 10 a.m. PT, GameSpot reported.

For the weekend, "GTA V" will be up for grabs for $40, "Max Payne 3" for $10.50, "Bully" for $5.25, and "L.A. Noire" is discounted for $7 or $9 (with game's DLC). Other "GTA" series also gets a discount, see their sales prices below:

Grand Theft Auto III -- $3.50
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City -- $3.50
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas -- $5.25
Grand Theft Auto IV -- $7
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City -- $7

Moreover, Steam has a Published Weekend sale on for Iceberg Interactive. See the full sale that lasts until Monday, September 26 at 10 a.m. PT, here.

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