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'GTA 6' Release Date Pushed Back? Here's Why Rockstar Shelved Development For The Highly Anticipated Game!


Avid gamers have been waiting with bated breath for the next installment of Rockstar's hit action-adventure video game series, "GTA 5," but if recently surfaced reports are anything to go by, "GTA" buffs are in for a huge disappointment, and here's why.

Optimistic gaming buffs were hopeful that Rockstar would shed more light on the highly anticipated game titles, "GTA 6" and "Red Dead Redemption 2" during the recently concluded Sony PlayStation Meeting. But much to their dismay, not even a single Rockstar Games representative was spotted at the event.

It was later discovered that the acclaimed game developer has opted to not make an appearance at the event; in fact, the studio reported that they had hold off "GTA 6" development. Alternatively, delaying the announcement could also allude to a possibility that Rockstar Game's parent company, Take-Two Interactive is currently gearing up to make a deal with some leading console platform giants, according to reports on ChristianToday.

The said deal reportedly involves exclusivity for the company that makes the best offer. This is hardly surprising as "Grand Theft Auto" series has been one of the most successful franchises developed by Rockstar and more importantly, it is a major money-maker that is likely to entice its already huge fanbase. Besides, Microsoft and Sony might not want to miss the opportunity to monopolize the fan-favorite game title.

Taking the game's growing development costs into consideration, Rockstar is likely to take an exclusivity deal either with Microsoft Xbox One or Sony PlayStation.

Amidst speculations hinting that Rockstar has suspended work on "GTA 6", some rumors are still running rampant suggesting that the studio will unveil the game during next summer's E3 2017 expo, TrustedReviews reported.

Developing the setting of the game is one feature that's likely to take up a lot of time, as several sources have been spreading speculations and rumors hinting that that the purported game will boast the biggest map yet as compared to any other "GTA" games.

Further whispers suggest that the game will feature an overseas setting, and will have a female protagonist that would radically change the way the game is played.

It was previously reported that the game developer has allegedly canceled the game as it wants to focus more on the current "GTA 5" first, and citing the said game's popularity, this could actually be the reason behind postponing "GTA 6" release date announcement.

Do you think Rockstar Games should currently concentrate more on "GTA 5" or its about time the developers starts the ball rolling for the highly anticipated "GTA 6"? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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