Stanford Graduates Launch App To Talk About Sex In The Campus


Stanford University has been under intense scrutiny this year for how it handled a sexual assault case filed against one of its students. Convicted rapist, Brock Turner, was recently released from prison after serving only half of his six-month sentence.

The school maintained that it "did everything within its power to assure that justice was served in this case." The institution also shared how proud it was of its students for stopping the incident and cooperating with the investigation.

The increasing cases of rape in campuses may have prompted Stanford graduates Elise Racine, of class 2015, and Mia Davis, of class 2014, to create their app called tabú. In their interview with The Stanford Daily, Racine and Davis talked about why educating students on sex is important and how they got the concept for the app.

"The way we're approaching it differently is to make [sex-ed] more modern," Davis admitted. "It's something that people are doing, so why not talk about it? ... I think by bringing up these topics - like consent, which is something that really isn't talked about and is so important - we want to highlight topics people aren't already talking about, including communities that are underrepresented when it comes to sex-ed."

The app was developed after Racine and Davis realized that there are not a lot of good resources available to learn about sex. Moreover, having a conversation about it with friends and family actually becomes awkward so the students don't have people to have a discussion with.

Tabú has several functions available for millennials to connect with people of the same age as well as experts who can give them proper guidance. Its main feature is the question and answer that has two tabs: one for the community and another for the experts.

Bustle added that the app has four different sections: Home, Feed, Q&A, and Basics. Home is where the app highlights specific things that the community may be interested in. Feed consists of sex-related articles while the Basics tab also offers information on things like birth control, body image and orgasm.

Sexual Assault on College Campuses: What We Can Do [Motion Graphic] from Lisa Dzera on Vimeo.

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