'Divorce' HBO Series: New Sarah Jessica Parker HBO Series Pilot Recap & Spoilers [VIDEO]


HBO's new series "Divorce" premiered on Oct. 9, wherein it shows Sarah Jessica Parker portraying the lead character Frances Parker.

Sharon Horgan, who directs and stars in the British series "Catastrophe," created and co-helms the pilot episode for the new HBO sadcom "Divorce," which centers around the realness of married life and the dysfunctionalities that a couple encounter in a long-lasting marriage. Based from the pilot episode, there are similarities of tone and topic between Horgan's "Catastrophe" and "Divorce" series.

"Divorce" revolves around the marriage of Frances Parker, and her husband Robert Parker (Thomas Haden Church), according to TVLine.

The pilot episodes starts off in Westchester at winter season. Frances is all too busy with her skincare routine that she doesn't hear Robert knocking on the bathroom door. The scene ends with Robert just walking away, and Frances giving him as obscene gesture as soon as his back was turned. The couple is next seen in their car, with Coldplay music drowning out the silence.

During a party in a friends house, several issues come to light for Frances, which even includes a gunshot and a heart attack. After the surprising turn of events, Frances tells Robert that she wants a divorce. Robert was not too keen with the idea of them not working things out, but it would seem that Frances really wants a divorce.

Meanwhile, Frances' relationship with her kids is already strained, and that she is having an affair with a man named Julian even before telling Robert that she wants a divorce.

Frances decided to tell Julian that she will be leaving her husband, Vulture reported. Julian didn't react the way that she wanted him to.

Frances does try to get back together with her husband; however, her infidelity was soon revealed. Now, Robert is the one that's adamant about getting a divorce.

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