HTC Vive Solution Oculus Rift VR Experience 'Boring and Lame'; Oculus Eyeing Upgrades for Rift in 2017 [VIDEO]


Two names have been on the top of the game called VR race. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are two VR platforms that keep out-innovating each other. However, HTC Vive keeps winning in the race and here's why.

VR Experience

Oculus Rift VR immersion can truly be experience by the player only when he looks around, stands and leaning a bit. For others who are having their first VR experience for the first time, this is already impressive but for some who are used to will be disappointed.

On the other hand, HTC Vive room-scale VR tracking offers more exciting experience because it actually allows the player to walk around with their own feet. As reported by The Daily Dot, Vive motion controllers has a built-in system that can track the players intricate movements such as crouching behind in a war game or taking 360-degrees walk around.

Game Titles        

Many developers who formerly worked with Oculus for the titles in Rift have shifted to HTC to develop more titles for Vive. As a result, players are also opting Vive over Rift because there are many titles to choose from.

Oculus Rift software can be purchased from Oculus Store with a free game included called Lucky's Tale. While HTC Vive game titles include Eve: Valkyrie and Adrift, Fantastic Contraption and The Lab.

Brand Loyalty

Developers who reported leaving Oculus have been sour because the founder of the company Palmer Luckey is allegedly secretly funding a pro-Trump online trolling campaign. So aside from hardware capability, an issue of loyalty has left Oculus Rift to the trash bins.

Despite the resignation of the developer, Oculus is still eyeing an upgrade for Rift in 2017. This upgrade includes the addition of room-scale VR tracking mechanism. 


Comparing the price of the two prominent VR platforms, HTC Vive has higher cost compared to Oculus Rift. But according to Engadget, if someone has to buy a VR device one must choose the most immersive headset available - and that title goes to HTC Vive.

Please watch the video below for more details about the HTC Vive VR platform. 

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