'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 61 Spoilers, Title, Air Date & Preview Plot Revealed [VIDEO]


The past "DBS" episodes have been unravelling Black Goku's real identity bit by bit, and there's hearsay that "Dragon Ball Super" episode 61 will finally divulge everything about Black Goku including his past and his origin.

Not too long ago, Black Goku revealed that he is spitting image of Son Goku when it comes to strength, form and abilities of his body. However, the most striking difference between him and Son Goku is his heart, which he claims is owned by Zamasu.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 61's air date is just around the corner, but rumor mills have not ceased swirling speculations centering on Black Goku's origin. Besides, there are umpteen answered questions revolving around his true relation to Son Goku. Rumors are rife that Son Goku and Black Goku are actually twin brothers separated at birth.

The upcoming episode dubbed as, "Zamasu's Ambition: The Human Elimination Plan is Divulged" is expected to shed more light on how they came to be separated. Moreover, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 61 will witness Black Goku's transformation into Super Saiyan Rose, according to ChristianTimes.

Black Goku undergoes the transformation in bid to destroy Future Trunks and Vegeta. In addition, he will be keen on killing Son Goku as he considers them as stumbling blocks in his plan to root out all humans from the earth.

It remains to be seen if Black Goku succeeds with his vile plan, especially when Future Trunks, Son Goku and Vegeta are willing to do anything to repress his mission. It's worth noting that none of the aforesaid characters have squared off against a villain as strong as Black Goku before.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 61 is slated to air on Sunday, October 9, on Fuji TV.

'Dragon Ball Super' English Version

It's no secret that the science fantasy has taken international entertainment industry by storm, and it won't be surprising if avid "DBS" fans are treated to a "Dragon Ball Super" English Version in near future.

While Forbes suggests that the English adaptation will be released in 2016, another source presumes a 2017 release

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