'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 61 Spoilers, Preview & Predictions, 'DBS' Episode 60 Recap; Goku Has Never Kissed Anyone Before [VIDEO]

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The upcoming episode of "Dragon Ball Super" will center on a new Super Saiyan form and will feature several new revelations.

"Dragon Ball Super" has emerged has one of the most fascinating anime of this year. The sequel to the "Dragon Ball manga" and the "Dragon Ball Z," the hit TV series began airing back in 2015, and it was considered as the weakest entry in the "Dragon Ball" franchise at the time. Fast forward to 2016, the series has easily become an anime that will probably rival "Dragon Ball Z" in its quality.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 60 Recap

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 60 featured a shocking revelation in the form of Black Goku's identity, revealing him as Goku himself. In "DBS" episode 60, Black Goku reveals that he is real Goku's but he has Zamasu's mind. When Goku asks about what happened to his body, Black Goku reveals that he killed him with his bare hands.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 61 Preview

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 61 preview features scenes that seemed to allude to Zamasu and Black Goku undergoing some sort of fusion. It can be recalled that similar event has already been teased since the beginning of the Future Trunks arc, when avid "DBS" fans realized that both characters donned green Potara earrings.

Moreover, a showdown between the two villains and the two heroes was already hinted, with Son Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks once more squaring off against Zamasu, who has an immortal body and Black Goku, who transformed into Super Saiyan Rose. Unlike their previous altercations, the rematch against the villains seemed far less biased than before.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 Predictions

"DBS" fans have given their predictions about the imminent episode, which some fans claim would feature a much lauded fusion between two evil characters. If that happens, their power would be unfathomable as these two characters are already overpowered on their own.

Some fans, on the other hand, speculate that the anime would introduce a brand new Super Saiyan on the next episode. This would be hardly surprising as a new Super Saiyan form has been used by the "Dragon Ball" franchise to move the plot forward when it comes to heroes triumphing against a seemingly invincible challenger, AttackOfTheFanBoy reported.

In other words, "Dragon Ball Super" could introduce a new transformation, perhaps, a Super Saiyan Green form in order to counterattack Black Goku and Zamasu's fused form.

Goku Has Never Kissed Anyone Before, Not Even His Wife?

"Dragon Ball Super" has claimed that the Super Saiyan doesn't know what it's like to kiss someone. This is quite surprising since Chi-Chi and Goku have two sons together, Kotaku reported.

Goka's confession takes place after Trunks kisses his girlfriend Mai in order to save her life. No prizes for guessing, Vegeta just stands in the back, watching over the ordeal with disinterested look. However, his expression changes to confusion when Goka drops a bomb when he claims he has never kissed anyone ever before. Watch the video below:

It remains to be seen if "Dragon Ball Super" makes up for the franchise's gap in on-screen kisses; probably not!

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