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Elon Musk: Takes First 100 People to Mars in 2024; One Million in 40 to 100 Years [VIDEO]


The race for Mars habitation is heating up between SpaceX and Boeing when Elon Musk CEO of SpaceX said that they will start putting people to Mars ten years from now. But Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenberg says that they will beat SpaceX to the Red Planet.

Given the distance and vast technical difficulties, Elon Musk bravely announced that human habitation in Mars will begin in 2025 through the SpaceX, Forbes reported. Despite the explosion of Falcon 9 in September 1 during fueling, Musk is confident to reach the Red Planet.

Elon Musk track record in the field of technology cannot be underestimated and one of the reasons is the giant rockets which his company built that are capable of carrying 100 people to the Red Planet. Musk's goal is to have Mars colony of one million people in the next 40 to 100 years.

In addition, Musk revealed that new rockets have been already tested to prepare for the Mars trip ten years from now. As a result, SpaceX has an advantage over Boeing for announcing their plans of first manned mission in 2018.

But in contradict to Elon Musk statement, Dennis Muilenberg CEO of Boeing said that the first people to set foot in Mars will not be carried by SpaceX but by Boeing, CNN reported. Boeing is known for developing rockets for NASA's Space Launch System which are planned to explore Mars in 2030.

SpaceX and Boeing are two competing private companies to carry astronauts from US going to the space. Both have already been contracted by NASA space agency to take astronauts to International Space Station.

While Elon Musk at his age has amazed the world with Tesla's electric cars, the question that lingers now is - will Mars human habitation become possible in the near future or will they run out of technology to invade the Red Planet?

Watch the video below to find out more of the future plan of Elon Musk in colonizing Mars. 

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