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MacBook Air 2016 Release Date: The ‘Bloggers Favorite’ Mac is About to Make a Silent Comeback Before Christmas? [RUMORS]


Apple has been reported to have killed off the MacBook Air alongside the iPad Air. But reports from credible sources say otherwise; in fact, new MacBook Air is expected to launch just before the holiday season.

Apple has been consistently silent about the fate of the "bloggers favorite" MacBook Air since the event back in September. It can be recall that the mac has received its last upgrade in the year 2015 when the Retina MacBook Air was introduced that killed off the 11-inch MacBook Air.

There are speculations circulating the internet that Apple has finally bids farewell to the well-loved MacBook Air due to its notable limitations due to the compatibility issues of its processor the Intel Core M. This is also probably the reason why MacBook Pro has become the top choice among consumers since it provides real PC experience.

Some of the noted limitation of the old MacBook Air include lack of dedicated slot for microSD and has no support for HDMI and USB drives. In addition, the keyboard feels like a compromise according to BGR. For this reason, the 2016 version of MacBook Air is expected to address those issues and further provide solutions as well.

In relative to MacBook Air release date, credible sources reported that the well-loved mac will receive its latest upgrade at the end of October when Apple introduced the refreshed 15.4-inch MacBook Pro. As a matter of fact, the production of the two mac machines has already started in the second quarter of 2016 according to Forbes.

As of this writing, no initial speculations and rumors about the MacBook Air specs have been reported. But there is one thing that is certain - MacBook Air 2016 will run the Intel Skylake chipsets instead of Kaby Lake. AMD Polaris graphics chipset is also expected to be utilized by Apple for this year's upgrade. 

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