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New MacBook Pro, 10 iPhones, Watch OS, iPad Pro 2: Expected Apple Product Upgrades for the Next Two Years [VIDEO]


If you just can't get enough of Apple products, wait until the calendar hits 2017 and 2018 for the Silicon giant is expected to launch several product upgrades. New MacBook Pro, Watch OS and 10 new flavors of iPhone are coming into the store shelves within two years. 

The following product upgrades are expected to launch in 2017 and 2018:

New MacBook Pro

New MacBook Pro in 2017 is expected to come with an Intel Kaby Lake processor. However, Apple is set launched its 2016 version of MacBook Pro at the end of October that runs a Skylake processor and an AMD graphics chipsets called Polaris, Forbes reported.

Furthermore, the 2017 version of MacBook Pro is said to be more revolutionary due to performance boosts which is to be accounted to the 7th generation Intel chipset. Other notable added features in the new MacBook is the multi-functional USB-C and the removal of headphone jack.

The video below will show some of the expected features of MacBook Pro.

10 iPhones

Apple is expected to launch the presumed iPhone 8 in 2017 that would eventually alienate the newly launch iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. As Mac World reported, Apple is likely to call the new iPhone as iPhone 7S following the tech giant's naming tradition.

The presumed iPhone 8 is believed to be equipped with AMOLED screen display for lower battery consumption, wireless charging, improved camera and support for wireless headset. The new iPhone is expected to be thinner due to the removal of the audio jack.

Watch OS

Apple watch was well-received by consumers due to the convenience the features have to offer most especially the Watch OS 2 version which runs third-party applications directly. Watch OS upgrades are expected to include local GPS, health sensors and higher rate of battery capacity just enough to deal with communications and sensors.

iPad Pro 2

Three sizes of iPad Pro 2 are speculated to hit the store shelves in 2017. For this matter, the rumor about Apple killing off the iPad Air has become stronger as the Air brand was a no mention during the Apple event in September.  

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