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‘Gears of War’ Movie Trailer : Actor Who Plays Marcus Fenix Revealed? Movie Premieres in 2017? [VIDEO]


The popular video game Gears of War will finally have its movie adaptation as announced during the launching of the game's fourth installment. Credible sources say movie is on-going but an alleged movie trailer is now making rounds in the internet revealing the Hollywood actor who will play the role of Marcus Fenix to be released in 2017.

Scott Tuber and Dylan Clark are the producers of the upcoming film adaptation of Gears of War video game. They are the veteran producers under the umbrella of Universal Pictures known for the movies Ted, The Kingdom and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Variety reported.

The studio head of the game developer The Coalition Rod Fergusson made the announcement during the launching of "Gears of War 4". According to Fergusson, the movie is the next big leap after the comics and novels were done for the said video game.

However, at this point it is not yet clear whether the movie plot will be straight from the movie or it will be a refresh story happened in a universe according to IGN. The same source claimed that there are still no reported writer, director and cast for the film as well as the possible realease date.

For this matter, fans of the game Gears of War have become excited after the announcement was made. Some of them have suggestions as to who will be the cast of the film adaptation most especially the one who will play the role of Marcus Fenix.

Some of the Hollywood actors included in the wish list of cast made by the fans are Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) as Dom, Dave Bautista as Marcus Fenix, Ryan Reynolds as Baird and Michael Clarke as Cole. Furthermore, one of the fans lamented that the movie adaptation will not likely to be released until 2019.

The following video is the alleged trailer of Gears of War. Whether the video is real or fake - better see if for yourself. 

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