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'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Updates: Trailer Reveals New Game Features; Developer Eyeing 2017 Release Date? [VIDEO]


Traces of "Pokemon GO" has slowly go down the drain, but the gameplay of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has become more exciting as new features have been revealed. Could it be true that the game's developer is planning to release the game in 2017?

New Features

The Festival Plaza has been added with new features such as trading. Players can also connect to each other through the internet for a battle or can work together, according to Fan Sided.

Another interesting feature is called Poke Pelago that stored Pokemons ready to head on battles as well as exploring activities and challenges. Mega Evolutions of the starter Pokemon has become one of the most anticipated features above all.

Starter Pokemons such as Rowlett, Litten and Popplio are the most popular ones. And they are presumed to become more popular and well-loved when they are seen in their secondary forms, as described by Polygon.

In "Pokemon Sun and Moon's" new gameplay, Datrix is Rowlett's secondary form. According to Polygon, Datrix is a powerful and stealthy creature that will be known as the vainest and the snob one. Datrix is the type that everybody will hate.

Torracat, on the other hand, is Litten's secondary form who resonates with the well-loved kitten. But Torracat is not just another ordinary feline, as it possessed hunting instincts hidden in its unique nervous system. Torracat is considered as an excellent companion.

Popplio is transformed into a "Pop Star Pokemon" named Brionne. This optimistic Pokemon possessed an impressive choreography that brings confusion to the enemies. But Brionne is not always a happy-go-lucky Pokemon because deep in its lonely heart is an empty space that only a good trainer can fill.

Release Date

One month to go before its presumed release date, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has already become a hit among players. There are rumors speculating on the delay of its release date to 2017 but it has not been confirmed by the developer. So far, the most legit date for the game to be released is on Nov. 18.

Watch the video here for more information about the newest features and gameplay of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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