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Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs: 2017 Flagship Will Feature New ‘Technology and Solutions’; Samsung Will Use Proprietary Port Instead of USB-C?


Samsung Galaxy S8 is a clear manifestation of the South Korean company that they can get through the Galaxy Note 7 issues. The 2017 flagship is believed to be more innovative and will feature new technology and solutions including the proprietary Samsung port.

Samsung is about to launch its next generation mobile flagship the Galaxy S8 which according to the leaked specs will house a powerful graphics chipsets and 4K resolution screen as reported by Forbes. Another step that Samsung want the new Galaxy S8 to follow is the audio jack removal which has eventually mainstreamed by Apple on their latest iPhones.

In relative to the removal of the 3.5mm audio jack, Samsung is torn between two choices: to replace the audio jack with USB-C port or with their unknown proprietary port. Whichever of the two Samsung would have to choose, both have advantages to note.

An argument that all Android phones must shift to USB-C is ongoing and Samsung is likely not to opt for their proprietary port given the wide market advantage the USB-C has to offer to android devices. According to BGR, USB-C provides better sound quality compared to the aging 3.5mm audio jack with low battery consumption.

USB-C port is on the verge to become mainstream. In fact Google utilizes it for their newly launched Pixel phones. If Samsung opted for USB-C port, chances are Galaxy S8 would become accessible most especially to the music junkies of today's generation plugged in headsets over the wireless ones.

Furthermore, the removal of headphone jack could lead to a thinner Galaxy S8. And waterproofing the phone would eventually become easier in the absence of it.

There are a lot more great features that are expected from Samsung Galaxy S8 where the list would include new technology and solutions to current issues on Android and iOS operated phones. Voice recognition and fingerprint scanning are among the two top notch features anticipated in Samsung 2017 flagship.

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