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Google Pixel, Pixel XL Phones: ‘Light Years Ahead’ of Nexus 6P and Beating iPhone 7 through $400 Billion Market


The high-caliber iPhone 7 (which for some a boring handset) has finally faced its real threat with Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Specs are considered light years ahead from Nexus 6P and bear great possibilities of breaking into a $400 billion market - surpassing the iPhone sales in 2016.

Last October 4, Google unveiled their hardware and software products to the public but the most highlighted ones are the Pixel and Pixel XL phones which according to CNET features deep integration of Google software such as Google Assistant, Google Photos and Daydream.

It can be recall that Google Nexus 6P is one of the applauded smartphones of 2015 due to its camera features and faster performance compared to Android counterparts. However, Pixel and Pixel XL phones are considered stellar phones with specs light years ahead from its Nexus predecessor.

Google Pixel phones are posing as real threats to Android phone counterparts manufactured by Samsung and LG Electronics according to Bloomberg. However, features such as Siri-like virtual assistant and flashy camera features are most likely copied from Apple iPhone 7.

But what makes Google Pixel phones ahead from other Android phones is its operating system which is the latest version of Nougat, the Android 7.1 version that makes them to be the first to run the said OS version. Aside from Pixel phones, Google also launched their electronic devices such as Home Speaker device (Google Home), virtual reality headset (VR Daydream) and a Wi-fi Router System (Google Chromecast) and video streaming stick

All products introduced to the public are "Made by Google" and were not co-engineered by any other tech companies as noted by Bloomberg. For the record, this is the first time where Google have invested so much on hardware business. Thus, the company is looking forward to invade the $400 billion market before 2016 ends. This would mean surpassing the sales of Apple on their iPhones and other devices.

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