'Doctor Strange' To Alter The Face of Marvel Cinematic Universe?


A lot of origin stories in the comics' world often becomes very tricky when it comes to the famous superheroes we all know of. We've witnessed the death of Batman's parents, Uncle Ben and his death's impact on Peter Parker as he became Spiderman and was told for quite a lot of times on theater screens. But on this case, a new Marvel less-known superhero is going to hit the big screen and will surely change the marvel cinematic universe.

The restating of the backstory of superheroes we all know of often becomes unpalatable, but there are some instances that it is retold quite nicely. Take for instance Spider-Man's cameo on "Captain America: Civil War" who managed to allude his backstory quite impressively in a story we are all aware of, according to Entertainment Weekly,.

"Doctor Strange", the new character who will enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a while, is going to debut on October. As strange as his name sounds, Doctor Strange is created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko but he is not as popular as some of his contemporaries. Thus, as the character enters a solo debut, it sets to let audiences spare some time on exploring the brilliant yet arrogant surgeon who falls from grace and rising up again as a Master of the Mystic Arts. Furthermore, it will change the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever said IGN.

1.      Magic

Marvel has been very conscious on including and integrating things like magic or ancient gods into their cinematic universe. For instance, Thor is somehow related to aliens and technology. Scarlet Witch's power in Avengers is explained as an effect and result of cosmic energy sourced out in Loki's scepter. With all these careful and meticulous choice of "source" of power for Marvel heroes, the power and mystical force of Doctor strange is yet to be explained in the forthcoming film.

2.      The Bad Guys

All superhero have archenemies but Marvel used to avoid creating the kind of bad guys which are only a duplication of the good guy. However, in the case of Doctor Strange, his enemy named Baron Mordo, is another guy who uses the same set of magical powers and has been trained by the same guy who trained Doctor Strange, thus, it becomes a little bit of a misnomer to Marvel's usual bad guy characterization.

3.      The Horror

The director of the film named Scott Derrickson is the genius behind popular horror films such as "Inferno" and "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" so the audience is going to expect some dark things that are going to transpire in the film. The man hasn't directed anything that is unrelated with terror and fear so if Marvel Cinematic Universe introduces fear and being afraid to its ensemble, it changes everything.

However, all of these things are yet to transpire in the film and nothing is certain as far as everyone is concerned. Thus, if you want to know better, "Doctor Strange" will hit theaters on 20th October this year. 


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