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Top 4 Reasons Why Google October 2016 Event Does Not Guarantee Success to Pixel, Pixel XL Phones


October 4 calls for a big day for Google as they are bound to launch their latest hardware and software products for 2016. As Google is known for great works in the world of technology but there are products in which the company has obviously failed and the pattern of failure might be passed unto the upcoming Pixel X and Pixel XL phones and other products.

The following are the Google products where success is nowhere to be seen:  

1 - Nexus Phones

It was in 2010 when the android-powered Nexus phones was first introduced to the public with its very first model the Nexus S. It was then followed by the released of Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and 5X, Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P which was released in 2015.

Those are obvious attempts by Google to surpass the high-caliber features of the iOS-powered iPhones which debuted three years earlier than Nexus. But as Mashable noted, Google may have high hopes for their upcoming Pixel phones to be launched in October 4.

2 - Google TV

Google TV was discontinued in 2014 due to incapacity to surpass its competitors Apple TV, Roku and Xbox 360. Sony, Intel and Logitech were among the co-creators of the platform which was succeeded by Android TV after its demised.

3 - Google Glass

Often called "the glass for a douchebag", Google glass has become a flop when users started to complain about having eye strain due to consistent eye movements from up to the right of the built-in prism. Google glass is originally made for reading books but started to become a laughing stock when it appeared to several memes.

4 - Google Plus (+)

Fortunately, this certain Google social media platform has managed to survived up until today but cannot be expected to go beyond the popularity of Facebook. And it's worth mentioning that Google+ is a successor of Google Buzz and Google Friend Connect - two social media platforms that eventually failed.

Google October 2016 Event

It is too early to predict whether or not Pixel X and Pixel XL phones will follow the path of its ancestors. It is better to watch the Google October 2016 Event first before making any judgments. CNET will have a livestream telecast of the event which will happened in October 4 at 8:30 am PT, 11:30 am ET and 4:30 PM UK.

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