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Microsoft ‘Surface Pro 5’ Updates: Ready to Replace the Laptops in 2017; Apple Bid Farewell to MacBook Air? [RUMORS]


Microsoft Surface Pro and MacBook Air are close competitors when it comes to specs and performance but only one of them might be able to see the light in 2017. As Apple is rumored to have been killed off MacBook Air, Surface Pro 5 is expected to invade the market next year to replace the laptops.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 specs

Microsoft has once proved to the world that tablet can be alternative for laptops and it did brought the Surface Pro 4 which was referred to as the gold standard for Windows tablet according to CNET. Surface Pro 4 has robust processing power, display size similar to laptops and interesting add-ons of accessories.

Today, Microsoft is on the verge again to bring the Surface Pro 5 in the spotlight come 2017. And it is predicted by tech analysts that Surface Pro 5 specs are similar with its predecessor but with some improvements.

Since Surface Pro 5 is slated to be released in 2017, there is a high possibility that it will run the 7th generation Intel chipset Kaby Lake which is scheduled to be released on the same year. But the most interesting tweak is the Surface Pen's battery where the triple A battery will be replaced with rechargeable ones.

When it comes to connectivity features, USB-C is an apparent inclusion alongside USB 3.0 port. Other ports such as Video Mini Display Port, dedicated slot for microSD and the 3.5mm headphone jack.

No More MacBook Air

Apple refuses to disclose whether or not MacBook Air will resurface in 2017. However, the no mention of MacBook Air during the September event is speculated to be a sign that the Cupertino giant has killed off the MacBook Air completely alongside the iPad Air.

MacBook Air last update was on March 2015 with a new retina display alongside faster processor, better graphics and faster flash storage. And sometime in April this year, MacBook Air upgraded its RAM but no revamped was noted on the overall design except for having no retina display, Mac World reported.

If the rumored of the killing off of MacBook is true, it is expected for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 to invade the PC market in 2017. With no other options left, Surface Pro 5 could be the best alternative for MacBook Air all the more when it is built with great features.

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