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Google Pixel, Pixel XL Phones: Innovative Features are Copied from Apple iPhones -- What are They?


It seems like Google is going nowhere with their new Pixel and Pixel XL phones since the company has been allegedly spotted copying the iPhone features for the 2016 flagships. All the more when the phones are solely manufactured by HTC - the company who allegedly stole the One A9 features from Apple.

The following are the innovative features of Pixel and Pixel XL phones copied from Apple iPhone products:

3D Touch

The 3D Touch was first featured in iPhone 6s and later in iPhone 7 where a pressure-sensitive display is created with the help of a special piece of hardware. One notable function of this feature is enabling the user to have a preview or access without having to actually open the app located in the springboard.

Android Police discovered such kind of feature in Pixel phones as they analyzed the codes from Google apps, BGR reported. However, the 3D Touch feature was not copied entirely by Google since the Pixel phones do not comprised any pressure-sensing hardware that can be found in iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.

Physical Design

Google Pixel phones appear to have large bezels at the top to the bottom that make the phones almost similar to the novelty physical designs of most iPhones. Forbes noted that there is really nothing that can be found in the bottom bezel - definitely no physical Home Button.

The absence of physical Home Button is notable in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. But having large bezels in Pixel phones is quite weird without anything in there nor front-facing speakers similar to that of Nexus 6P.

So far, those two features mentioned above are the features copied by Google for their upcoming Pixel and Pixel phones. As a conclusion, Pixel phones are probably like iPhones that run by Android next to HTC One A9 handset.

Two Pixel phones will be launched in October 4 in a Google Event held in San Francisco. Aside from the new smartphones, Google is also expected to launch Pixel laptop (or tablet), Google Home and VR Daydream.

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