‘Pokemon Go’: All-New Academic Stop In the Business Information Technology Course At Salford University UK, Now Available In Macau! [VIDEO]


While some universities in the U.S. have begun including the latest mobile app game "Pokemon Go" in their subjects as strategic tool such that it has recently been made available in Macau for academic purposes, the Salford University in UK proceeded all the way in making it an academic stop (requirement) for its Business Information Technology course. However, course authors in the university ensured the enrollees of the course that the requirement shall never go as plain as playing the game- not even close to that.

The course program is undergraduate requisite marketing students had to undergo before proceeding for advanced business strategies. Salford University lecturer Dr. David Kreps highlighted how fitting the app is to the course. He further indicated that if students master the secret strategy needed for the game, then they are bound to encapsulate all their learning they are to absorb from the course.

Dr. Kreps insisted that the complex work behind the app involves making use of a lot of systems from the internet. He even explained during an interview that the game's sophistication gets higher, gets more difficult and most especially turns out to be more involving, the Next Web  stated.

In an opposite view, Chris McGovern who leads the Real Education Campaign is certain that such idea is bound to fail. He critics Krep's move as a half-thought strategy in the beginning, therefore quoting it "farcial", Tech Times reported.

In general, experts believe that Salford University is bound to proceed with this plan in a healthy platform. After all- its pros and cons have already been explored, thanks to McGovern.

In a separate news, the "Pokemon go" has just recently been made available in Macau. Niantic, the game's developer recently announced that the game can be downloaded via Google Play or iTunes. While the game is yet to go rapid in the city, reports of robberies, traffic incidents and other street-related crimes already fill the police papers, Macau Daily Times reported.

Nonetheless, academics in Macau are yet to bear the same light other academics held on to- the light of "Pokemon Go" as a full academic tool.

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