‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers: Shantel VanSanten Teases Return of Patty Spivot; Could She Also Return As A Speedster? [VIDEO]


Season 3 of The CW's "The Flash" is drawing near, and fans of the DC TV series are having fun speculating the infinite possibilities that the "Flashpoint" event, especially when it comes to Barry's romantic relationships; Iris West comes to mind first for most fans, but then there are Barry Allen's short-lived flames like "Patty Spivot."

Those familiar with the "Flashpoint" story arc will probably be able to surmise that the changes of Barry's one timeline exploit is monumental to the point that relationships and life statuses are drastically changed.

One point in the upcoming season that fans are usually curious about is Barry's relationship with "Flashpoint" Iris West. In a report by TVLine, actress Candice Patton who plays Iris West affirms that in whatever timeline, Iris remains to be Barry's "constant."

Aside from Iris, there have been other women that the Flash tried to build a romantic relationship with, like Patty Spivot who was portrayed by actress Shantel VanSanten. She was introduced early in season 2 and was brought in to be Joe West's new partner after the death of Eddie Thawne in season. Patty's personality and preferences are shown to be similar to Barry's, which made the episode of their first date to be an enjoyable event in season 2.

In an interview with Monkeys Fighting Robots, VanSanten was asked whether fans would see her again in The Flash TV universe, to which replies that there is a strong possibility if all things work out, which could allude to her being in talks with The Flash showrunners.

The "Flashpoint" storyline does leave everything open for the showrunners to bring in new characters that otherwise wouldn't work. There is also the possibility of having Patty Spivot return and be a speedster herself as she was briefly one in the comics.
Season 3 of The CW's "The Flash" premieres on October 4.

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