Former CEO Jack Tretton Shared Why The PS3 Was Very Expensive At Launch


Former PlayStation Executive Jack Tretton opened up recently about the PlayStation 3 launch, specifically about the $500/$600 price.  The Former CEO also explained the challenges that the company faced during the launch.

According to former Sony CEO Jack Tretton, developing the PlayStation 3 was a difficult job, also it was difficult to manufacture. By the time when the console came out on the market, the price was not so consumer-friendly and everybody knows that. Amazingly enough, the console led to sony losing a lot of money, despite its high price, Gamerant reported.

PS3's launch last November 2006 was not consumer -friendly. It was a year later when PS3 was launched after their biggest rival, Microsoft Xbox 360 and it was still more expensive.

Additionally, Tretton explained that the launching of the PlayStation 3 was a very difficult scenario because of the fact that the Xbox 360 developed by Microsoft was already out in the market. The PS# was also more expensive than what everbody wanted it to be. The company, Sony,  had muc less inventory at launch than what they wanted. In terms of software development and manufacturing efficiency, that event was a learning curve to Sony. The launching of the PlayStation 3 was packed with a lot of challenges, according to Gamespot.

Tretton also said that the point when the PS3 was launched, it was the most  intense period of his career. The PS2 was a great success and Sony has about  60-70% (or more) market share in a worldwide basis. And it was followed by a tragic release of the expensive PS3.

It is really good to hear that the a CEO Executive - even if he does not work there anymore - gave the gamers suspicion about PS3's price tag was a huge mistake. PS3's launch was stressful time Tretton's career in Sony. If Sony hasn't recovered with PS4, the gaming market would have looked a bit little.

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