Google Event: What Devices You Should Watch Out For During Google's October Event


Images of Chromecast Ultra was leaked ahead of October 4th unveiling event. A reliable source revealed earlier that on the October event, Google will reveal their Pixel-brand smartphones namely Pixel and Pixel XL. Most likely, the company will reveal their Daydream VR Project and the $k Chromecast Ultra.

Google will be having a hardware event this coming October 4. They are likely to unveil two Pixel-branded smartphones, and a VR headset called the Daydream VR. The announcement would also include the 4k Chromecast Ultra, Android Police reported.

A leaked photo of Chromecast Ultra, which is very similar to Chromecast 2, which is a disc-like shape has been posted by Evan Blass of Venture Beat. The third generation Chromecast will be named "Chromecast Ultra", or "Chromecast Plus".

The Chromecast Ultra was rumored to have more powerful hardware than is predecessor and a new feature of 4K Ultra HD streaming for the satisfaction of the users. The expected launch price will be at $69, almost doubling the price of Chromecast HD.

Additionally, Google is set to reveal their new Google Home. It is a Virtual Assistant speaker much like the Amazon Echo. Google tries to compete in the VA market with Microsoft developing their Cortana, Apple improving Siri, and Amazon Echo releasing their VA speaker called Alexa.

A new device might also be launched by Google during the October 4 event. In terms of VR, the tech giant is also competing. The Daydream Access Project allows game developers to pitch heir apps which will be supported on the Google Daydream. Tumors has it that the new device VR headset will be called Daydream View.

Other than the Chromecast ultra, Google Home, and Daydream View, Google is also rumored to unveil 2 new smartphones which are Pixel-branded  (not Nexus).  However, there are no further details on the devices. It is not yet known when they would be launched or how much they would cost. All hardware that are set for announcement also needs more details so it is encouraged to stay on the alert about these devices.

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