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'Pokemon Go' Update: Rare Spawning Nests Have Been Fully Randomized; A New Pokemon Game Is Coming To Nintendo NX?


Amidst rampant rumors hinting that avid gamers are getting off the "Pokemon Go" bandwagon, Niantic has rolled out a radical update for the hit augmented reality mobile game, but its not in the form of a downloadable patch.

Niantic Labs shook up the huge fanbase of "Pokemon Go" by not rolling out the latest spawn nest migration on schedule, but according to a Redittor called dronpes, the game has undergone a never-before-seen make over.

Earlier, when Niantic made changes around spawning nests in "Pokemon Go," there was a fixed list of Pokemon that were slated to change to a different list of monsters. For instance, a nearby Dratini changed to an Eevee nest after the first update, as did all other Dratini nests worldwide. Then with the next update, the said Eevee nests changed to Kabuto nests and so on, Forbes reported.

Niantic Labs Randomized The Spawn System?

The recently rolled out update is a bit different and here's why.

Contrary to being able to go to a list and check which Pokemon is now spawning instead of a previous one, Niantic has fully randomized the spawn system. Although rarity remains unchanged, players no longer will be able to predict what nests have changed into. The only way to find that out is by exploring the real world and looking for yourself.

"Pokemon Go" players around the world claim that aside from relative rarity, there is no other interrelation. What was once a Charmander nest now spawns Abras, Digletts, Ponytas, Squirtles et al based on players' location. Similarly, an Electabuzz nest can now spawn Cubone, Polywag, Pinsir, Onix, Nidoran or others.

Its worth noting that staples in your area will never change, for instance Spearows, Zubats, Rattatas and Pidgeys; however, the rare Pokemon above that base tier are now fully randomized with these new spawns. Besides, though they can still be cataloged and players can still use third-party sites to update what nest is spawning in which area, it's comparatively harder to keep tab of.

Why Niantic Labs Chose To Do This?

There's no word from the acclaimed game developer regarding the actual reason why they opted to do this. But one possibility is that with no definite way to discover what's around a player, he/she is more likely to delve into the real world, besides, exploration is the gist of the game. In fact, it won't be surprising if this is how things work going forward.

A Pokemon Game Is Coming To Nintendo NX?

In other news, a Pokemon game is coming to Nintendo NX and it's developed by Game Freak. That's earth-shattering news for zealous Pokemon fans around the world. This is the first time a mainline, full-fledged adventure Pokemon game is slated to come to consoles, and Game Freak is the only company that makes those, iDigitalTimes reported.

It's a hint that console players will finally be able to delve into the mystical world of these adorable monsters. Moreover, it's equally exciting news for Nintendo NX as well.

Stay tuned in here for more "Pokemon Go" tips, tracks, hacks, news and updates.

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