What The Brad And Angelina Divorce Teaches Us About Kids And Education


The world is shocked to learn that the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie dream is over. What most people saw as something that would lead to a forever happily ever after, is really nothing but a dream.

So what can everyone learn from this show business sad story? Megan Allen from Edweek made some points that everyone can agree on when it comes to Brangelina and education.

1. The couple always puts their kids first. They have six children in total. And for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the kids are always a priority. Just like in public education, we need to ensure all the decisions we make and actions we take are in the best interest of children.

2. Things are not always what they seem. They look like a happy couple outside, but they could have trouble inside closed doors. Just like in public education, it's easy to make assumptions about what is working or needing improvement.

3. Relationships take a lot of work. Brangelina did everything they could to make it work. With six kids and a busy career, they make sure they equip their relationship with commitment and tons of work. It is the same with education, it does not happen over night. In order to build a better future, a lot of work must be put in everyday towards education.

4. Trust. You need trust. Because trust is everything. Trust is an issue between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. Which is why it is a big issue in the Brangelina business. Which is why in education, students must trust the system and their teachers if they are to receive quality education. They must trust their teachers if they are to take safe risks and challenge themselves. Teachers must trust each other if they are to learn from and with one another. Trust is everything.

5. Being Brad and Angelina means living in the public's eye. Celebrity couples are always under the lime light and they seldom have the luxury of privacy. But education, according to Megan should be the same. "I'm not recommending that we air all our dirty laundry as educators. I'm thinking about how we can make the learning and teaching that happens in our classroom visible."

What did you learn from the Brangelina split?

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