October is VR Month! Google Daydream, PlayStation VR and Oculus Touch is Set for Launch


Virtual Reality fans can never get enough VR and three huge tech companies are going to add more VR technology in the market. Fans of VR should brace for the impact of these huge announcements and roll-outs which would come before October ends.

For most people, the virtual reality technology is still a dream despite the pursuit on the topic. The Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus has already been seen while Google's Cardboard box has been viral on the Internet. However, these news cannot  represent the upcoming wave of VR technologies which will be unleashed on October these year. The growth of the VR industry is rapid even though it just began as a Kickstarter campaign back in 2012, according to Venture Beat.

Now, the real thing goes down as Google, Sony, and Oculus reveal their new products in the VR industry. First is the Google Daydream which will allow companies to pitch their VR products for the new Daydream platform developed by Google. Coming next would be the jaw-dropping app for the Oculus platform which is the Oculus Medium. Also, Sony will be debuting  their first VR headset: PlayStation VR.

Developers can now pitch for the Google Daydream Program which will be launched on October 4 2016. This program is Google's high-end initiative for Android Virtual Reality. The said program will accept applications developed for the Google Cardboard VR. However, the October event is only exclusive for developers whoa are already accepted in the Daydream Access Project. Other developers may publish their apps "early next year" , Road to VR reported.

Meanwhile, Oculus will launch their new application, the Oculus Medium. Last year , the makers of the Oculus Rift created partnerships which led to the development of Minecraft VR and Netflix VR. The same event will be held again on October 5 and this time, the company will be showing their new Oculus Touch controllers along with the Oculus Medium app.

The PlayStation company (Sony), on the other hand, will debut their first VR headset which can be bought for $399. Sony also promises 50 VR games for their new headset. It can also be noted that despite the hardware's price, which is higher that the console itself, its pre-orders still sold faster than any hardware. 


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