Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Delays Release in South Korea


The famous tech company Samsung Electronics Co Ltd announced on Sunday that they are going to delay the sales of the new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone in South Korea for three days: that makes Oct. 1 the date of release. The move is done for the fast completion of the current major recall in the country.

Samsung said on Sept. 2 that a recall of at least 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in ten major countries that includes South Korea is caused by a faulty battery making the phone be caught on fire, offering refunds or replacement phones with a safe battery, Reuters reported

The company is hoping do the recall completely and as fast as possible to be able to restart sales in the fourth quarter of the year to recover the lost earnings, but the current drawback in South Korea highlights the tangible challenges that the company has to face.

Even if the exchange of products in South Korea have transpired on Monday, only an estimate of 200,000 affected customers have returned their devices, which according to Samsung represents only the half of the affected customers. This means that the recall process is slower than the other markets like Singapore and the United States.

According to Samsung, the rate of recalling the products are falling sharply if the new sales have resumed last September 28. Customers affected by this smartphone issue are no longer allowed to exchange their device with the help of domestic carriers starting October 1, which further makes the process hard, Indian Express reported.

Samsung plans to resume sales in the affected countries should it make enough progress with the recalls. It has also announced its plans on resuming sales in the Australian and Singaporean market in October. However, one month recall caused additional challenges and embarrassment for the company.

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