Microsoft to Compensate Consumers Due To Problems About Windows 10 Updates


Problems on the Windows 10 updates have been reported by a lot of Microsoft users. A lot of the complains claimed that their computers have upgraded its operating system even without their prior permission. Other reports accounts that some of the functions from the previous versions have stopped working as soon the OS upgraded.

According to which, a consumer watch dog, there are 12% of Microsoft users that intentionally downloaded the Windows 10 returned back to the older versions of Windows. This is because of the problems they have experienced after installing the new version of Windows.

Spokesman of Microsoft have shared that the Windows 10 is specially designed to get people to maximize the security and productivity of this version of Windows. He also added that if the consumer really needs any assistance for the upgrading process, the company is happy to provide options as well as free services for consumers, according to The Telegraph.

Teri Golgstein, a Microsoft user based in the U.S. have learned this promise and the company is compensating her in a way that is further that what everyone expected.

In the case of Goldstein, she updated her desktop to Windows 10 and left her computer unusable for days. Microsoft compensated her with $10,000 for the troubles that is caused by the upgrade. And right now, a lot of consumers are urging Microsoft to do the exact act.

There are a lot of complaints coming from Windows users regarding the newest updates. Some reports that they are experiencing webcam and speaker problems. Others reported that their files are lost and problems on their Wi-Fi connections are experienced after the upgrade process, reported.

As of the moment, the consumer watch dog Which is forcing the Microsoft company to repair and compensate customers who are experiencing troubles and problems due to the upgrade. Central to their contention is the traditional consumer rights which is applicable on tangible products that should include digital goods as well. 

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