Google Device Rumors: New Hardware Includes Chromecast and Wi-Fi


A lot of rumors have flooded the internet as Google's October 4th event is fast-approaching, where the giant company is anticipated to unravel the mysteries of its latest hardware. Some sources reports that the Search Engine Giant will also announce some other things intended for the home.

One of the things expected for Google to announce on October 4th is the rumored fresh router that will literally take your internet further. That is, the Google Wi-Fi. This device's main feature is its ability to connect together a number of access points, creating one big wireless network, Android Authority reported.

Meaning, it would create simpler Wi-Fi system range extenders. Or that's how it would look like. This device could be very helpful in houses or offices, provided that one of Google's routers could be easily operated. It has been rumored that the Google Wi-Fi can be simply operated using the OnHub app.

The said price of the device is an estimated $129, a price lower than the OnHub routers.

Another rumored device that is yet to be launched by Google is the Google Home. It is more or less the direct competition of Amazon Echo but with Google's technology within its core. This is much like a Google Assistant. Some of its features includes answering questions with the use of Google Search, track weather, gives out information, organize your schedule and many more, according to Android Police.

Additionally, this device is able to play your music or cast content to other devices that are supported. It is said to cost $129.

Lastly, one of the circulating talks in the tech world is a supercharged Chromecast being developed by Google, and will soon be named as Chromecast Ultra. This device is capable of 4K Chromecast that is rumored to cost $69.

However, all of these devices remains rumors and speculations and nothing is for sure until the date of the announcement on the 4th of October arrives. 

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