University Of Maryland And Hebrew University Collaborate For Increased Academic Research Dialogue: Main Issues, Life Sciences and Cyber Security! [VIDEO]


For a stronger international link and increased academic research dialogue, the University of Maryland (Baltimore) and the Hebrew University (Jerusalem) collaborated at a signing ceremony held at Hebrew University's Ein Kerem campus. The collaboration between the universities was extended to 5 more years and the main academic issues, Life Sciences and Cyber Security were also given focus.

Just days ago, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan was heard indicating a possible expansion of ties between the 2 famed universities. Just today, the signing was made public. Maryland academics are now being reported to have begun extensive academic researches for future international dialogues. Further substantiating the main academic issues from areas like life sciences and cyber security, the first-phase research focus has been centralized by the heads into military medicine and cyber-security, the Jerusalem Post

Respectively, the signing took place in Sunday at the Hebrew University's Ein Kerem campus despite the challenging security conditions in the Middle East. Finally, the event has been deemed successful such that the UMB academic representatives are, at the moment, getting on their way home.

Eventually, this is not the first time that the 2 world-class universities have already collaborated since 2013. The latest signing that took place last Sunday was simple a renewal of trade made 3 years ago between UMB president Dr. Jay A. Perman and Hebrew University President Menahem Ben-Sasson, Baltimore Sun reported.

In fact, that partnership had allowed the universities and the other institutes as well, to reach greater heights in the area of military medicine and homeland security research. Much has been noted and a lot is being looked forward to.

Ultimately, the Hebrew university president Menahem Ben-Sasson greeted the UMB with the usual delight and said that the "UMB is a world leader in the field of trauma and operational medicine", the Jerusalem Post again reported.

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