‘Mafia III’ and ‘Mafia III: Rivals’ Comes In iOS And Androd Versions

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The very famous super-violent mobster inspired game Mafia series from 2K is going mobile and "Mafia III: Rivals" is ready to be played on iOS and Android, to expand upon the world of the soon-to-rise "Mafia III".

Mafia II and Mafia III: Rivals share the same visions: being a gangster back in the 60s, in New Orleans and New Bordeaux, both of the games aims to take down opposing mobs and take control of the city, CG Mag Online reported.

But in "Mafia III", you will have to reach these goals through old-fashioned jam-packed shooter gameplay in an open world and on the contrary, "Mafia III: Rivals" will introduce a unique way to fight your way to the upper hand of the criminal underworld through RPG combat.

We aren't necessarily sure about what "battle RPG" is, and without screenshots to infer from, we are assuming that "Mafia III: Rivals" will be a turn-based or tactical RPG that will focus on character collection as well as battles with items for players to collect. This amazing mobile game will also have 40 crime bosses recognizable from the Mafia III universe and a lot of weapons and gears for collection.

This is a super different approach in contrast with the series being played on iOS and Android game, Mafia III Mobile, a top-down shooter that attempted to outdo a full Mafia game without having specs of consoles as a back-up.

Maybe this version of the game will be more engaging that its original counterpart and sincerely improve the experience of players with the game.

Pre-registration for iOS and Android for "Mafia III: Rivals" is available for a limited time, and secret bonus character plus weapon will be given away on its launch October 7, 2016. The same day as :Mafia III: is set to be produced. The mobile game could be played freely, but will be sold later on as in-app purchases, according to the official Mafia Game news site


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