UFO Hunters Exposed Mysterious Object Feeding with the Sun’s Energy


Hunters of Unidentified Flying Objects have discovered a mysterious object that orbits the sun in an image taken by cameras mounted in the Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) on Sept. 11 last week.

Experts in UFO have claimed that this gigantic four-armed spaceship apparently feeds on the sun's energy and multiplies itself into subparts. It has also been reported that the spacecraft has been seen on a number of images over the past five years, but NASA never really acknowledged it, reported.

A lot of conspiracy theorists also assumes that NASA is trying its best to cover this alien spaceship issue despite the flooding images of it in the internet. The UFO that was reported to have four bulging arms was captured by SOHO, a satellite that revolves around the sun and is managed and operated by NASA itself together with the ESA or European Space Agency. SOHO satellite constantly monitors activities of the sun as well as sending data back to earth that necessarily helps in predicting the space weather and other differing factors that could possibly disrupt the Earth's satellites systems.

Last September 12, Streetcap1, a UFO hunter, have uploaded in the video-sharing platform YouTube of SOHO images together with the alleged spacecraft. Streetcap1 is questioning the negligence of NASA, despite the public release of the images, according to Sputnik News.

Moreover, in another video uploaded by Streetcap1, he or she capitalizes on the idea that the images aren simply just Coronal Mass Ejection or energies emitted by the corona of the sun. this alleged spaceship has been caught by camreas ever since 2011, and several of them are caught in 2012 and the latest is the images captured in September this year.

In the meantime, there are no solid evidence that would support this alleged spaceship claims as well as the very existence of extraterrestrial beings or UFOs lurking in the universe. 

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