WhatsApp Adds OneDrive Cloud Storage to Windows Phone


If you have been a fan of the Windows Phone for a long time now, you probably already heard about WhatsApp being one of the companies that continuously develop Microsoft's mobile aspect with fresh options. However, there is a singular feature that wasn't present in contrast to that of the Android and iOS competitors.

Cloud backup for messages and data has been offered for iOS and Android for quite awhile now, but for a reason or another, Windows Phone have been missing out to integrate it in its features, which is totally illogical considering that WhatsApp was so meticulous getting the app right, SoftPedia reported.

However, it has been rumored that the company is now developing to add this particular app on Windows Phone users as well, as OneDrive cloud backup support is still included in the most current beta version, according to Deccan Chronicle.

Meaning, all your conversations and messages can be stored safely in the cloud if that's what pleases you, and in case you want to avail a new mobile phone, recovering them would be a piece of cake.

However, the only flaw with cloud message storage in WhatsApp is that every single user comes with a different platform that would support their services i.e. Google Drive for Android and iCloud for iPhones.

Moreover, even if this innovation is quite beneficial, it is a little bit dangerous especially when you want to transfer from one platform to another i.e. Android to iPhone, since there are no current options to save your messages in a cloud service that is available to both platforms.

However, third-party apps exist which could necessarily enable you to do such activity but it is surely easier to have a single way to do this.

At the moment, it's nice to know that OneDrive support being added by WhatsApp on Windows Phone and everybody is excited for what the users could get in the future.  

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