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Top 5 Reasons Why ‘MacBook Pro 2016’ Release Date is Worth the Wait


The most talked-about Apple Netbook is sending the fans between excitement and anxiety. While the waiting game is still for "MacBook Pro 2016" release date, the consumers must know if the Apple 2016 laptop flagship is worth the wait.

Aside from the specs rumors surrounding the most-awaited "MacBook Pro 2016", it is better to know the reasons whether or not the netbook is worth the wait. All the more, when Apple has been silent about its release date, knowing its nitty-gritty help consumer decide to switch to other alternatives such as Microsoft Surface Pro 5 or continue the waiting game till it's over in 2017 according to speculations.

MacBook Pro 2016 Design

2016 MacBook Pro is said to have an innovative design that will stand out among competitors as well as its predecessors. According to Mac Rumors, shallower curves around the edges are expected from the physical design. This will go together with a flatter keyboard and wider pressure-sensitive trackpad.

Better Battery

Being the source of life, much consideration will be given to any device when it comes to battery life. The current MacBook Pro battery lasts for 10 hours with lower version of Intel chipset. MacBook Pro 2016 is rumored to be powered by Intel Kaby Lake and the said chipset is expected to improve not just the performance of the CPU but also with battery life according to Gotta Be Mobile

USB-C with Thunderbolt 3

Improve connectivity is expected from "MacBook Pro 2016" most especially when Intel's USB is embedded with Thunderbolt 3 which allows the laptop support to multiple ports, better connection to hard drives and enhance speed for faster storage.

Graphics Upgrade

"MacBook Pro 2016" is rumored to utilized NVIDIA and AMD graphics technologies to deliver better quality graphic performance. Other rumors suggesting that the newest Apple netbook will stream a 4K video resolution.

Boost Performance

With the inclusion of the 7th generation Intel chipset Kaby Lake, better performance is expected from "MacBook Pro 2016". That should give 20 percent performance boost compared to its predecessors.

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