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Will ‘Google Nexus 2016’ Phones Beat the 100 Million Sales of iPhone 7 at the End of 2016?


Thanks to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for iPhone 7 has an estimated 100 million sales at the end of 2016 says south Korean analyst. Now the list of 2016 mobile 2016 flagships is down to one with only Pixel X and Pixel XL ("Google Nexus 2016") phones left, will the android smartphone surpass the hundred million mark of sales by Apple?

 According to a South Korean Analyst Lee Seung-woo, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco has great advantage to Apple since iPhone 7 has become the customers' next choice of smartphone especially in the United States.  Apple Insider noted that exploding incidents related to Galaxy Note 7 has become a huge factor in Apple's sales.

 Aside from the battery issues, Youtube examiners and reviewers have noted that Galaxy Note 7 screen is prone to scratches. Thus, making the consumers sway away from Samsung 2016 flagship. For this reason, Apple Insider added that orders of 80 to 85 million materials for iPhone 7 were placed in by South Korean suppliers. And this should make Apple hit the 100 million sales before the end of the year.

On the other hand, "Google Nexus 2016" phones will be launched this coming October 4 as confirmed by Google. Being the last smartphone on the list to debut in 2016, undecided buyers are waiting for its launching to compare whether or not iPhone 7 is worth all the penny. But "Google Nexus 2016" may have one advantage - the phones which are amounting to $649 for an entry price are available under financing programs according to Android Police.

As Google is gearing up for the launching of "Google Nexus 2016" or Pixel X and Pixel XL, an alleged commercial featuring the Pixel phones has accidentally aired by Nest as reported by Android Police. The alleged commercial was considered as marketing material to further advertise the upcoming android smartphones to persuade more consumers. However, Android Police said that the alleged commercial has not been identified as legit one.

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