Bungie Closing ‘The True Meaning Of War’ NOT ‘Destiny’ Tower in ‘Rise of Iron’; New Areas Revealed


"Destiny" Game Developer Bungie has debunked rumors that the Tower will be closing after the "Rise of Iron" expansion will launch. Bungie will only take away "The True Meaning of War" Crucible bounty in the explanation to give way to new options for getting end game level rewards. The expansion is expected to be accessible on Sept. 20 at 5 a.m. ET, 2 a.m. Pacific Time, or 9:00 a.m. UTC.

Rumors have been circulating about "Destiny: Rise of Iron" expansion since it was first revealed by Bungie. Theories were made about weapons and gear, while others speculated about the final boss in "Wrath of the Machine" raid.

Interestingly, out of all these theories rose the speculation that the Tower was closing. These rumors can be traced from a new social space in "Rise of Iron," Gamerant reported.

It was expected that the new Felwinters Peak was set to replace the Tower. Another root of the theory was based on the failure of The Reef as a second social space for players who ended up rarely visiting the area except in cases of picking up Trials of Osiris passages or completing Challenge of Elders bounties. Bungie was expected to avoid the same incidence to occur again with Felwinters Peak.

Bungie finally cleared the air saying that the Tower will not be closing with the release of "Destiny: Rise of Iron." Players can still visit the Gunsmith, acquire legendary engrams, and all the other usual tasks but one. Bungie is developing new ways to earn endgame level rewards for the expansion resulting in the loss of "The True Meaning of War'"Crucible bounty.

"Destiny: Rise of Iron" will still feature the familiar faces of the regular NPC residents like Xur along with a new social space to visit. The expansion will also include new weapons and armor as well as a different story content in a new territory in the Plaguelands, Forbes reported. The story will revolve around the legend of the Iron Lords, Guardians who are set on causing trouble.

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