‘Overwatch’ Gameplay Controllers News: Turntable Wheel As Controls Possible; NVIDIA Sets-Up First-Ever ‘Overwatch’ eSports Tournament In India


"Overwatch" gamer played and controlled Lucio using a DJ Hero turntable during a multiplayer match up. Based on reports, the result is not entirely one-sided.

The gamer who played "Overwatch" in a strange way is a YouTuber named WhyBeAre, who reportedly set a turntable wheel in order to control his backward and forward movements, while the other controls his turns. The DJ Hero buttons, on the other hand, allowed the alternate, primary and special moves, and even had the Lucio's hand movements to turn to the character's speed setting.

However, reports indicate that this is not the first time that a gamer has used a musical instrument peripheral in order to compete in a game. In fact, some gamers were able to beat games such as "Dark Souls" before, using just a Rock Band guitar.

With that, "Overwatch" fans are now asking WhyBeAre to continue what he started: an "Overwatch" video series, with controllers to match up with the characters. Although it seems unlikely, it is also important to note that a gamer has successfully tried playing D.Va with some flight sticks before that is more closely appropriate for characters than any controllers could have.

Based on reports, WhyBeAre also mentioned about finding a group of online gamers interested in a likely online gameplay video. "Overwatch" is now available on PS4, Xbox One and the PC, GameRant reported.

Meanwhile, NVIDIA is reportedly organizing the first "Overwatch" eSports competition in India. Although it has been clear from the beginning that the game would greatly impact the global eSports, it still surprises everyone to know that the competitive game has reached India, gaining support for the entire competition.

The "Overwatch" eSports competition will have seven matches beginning Sept. 23 to Oct. 8. According to reports, if the event will get enough support, the fans should expect more game competitions to be hosted by India, VG247 reported. Watch "Overwatch" Animated Short  "The Last Bastion"

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