iOS 10.0.1 Updates: Small Update For 25-60MB Fixes Siri Recognition, VoLTE Voice Quality, Apple Watch Pairing; It Will Delete Previous Jailbreaks


The iOS 10.0.1 is also a small update between 25 to 60MB. The update is said to fix issues preventing the recognition of "Hey Siri" requests, issues that affect audio quality of VoLTE calls, potential Bluetooth connectivity issues and pairing with the Apple Watch. It is also said to improve stability of Camera and Contacts apps.

It should be noted that these issues have not been widely reported by users. This was seen as a sign that the iOS 8 and iOS 9 had underlying issues that Apple ignored, Forbes reported.

The iOS 10 may have not fixed this either which sparked the need for the iOS 10.0.1 which also addresses a potential jailbreaking route; a security hole in the kernel where a validation issue may be exploited by apps to disclose data from the kernel memory. The update will also delete any jailbreaks previously installed.

iOS 10.0.1 update has just been released making it the shortest gap between iOS releases. The update is said to fix underlying issues that is speculated to not have been addressed previously. A future fix is still expected to solve the glitches that happened in what is called as bricking Apple devices since getting the iOS 10 update.

The iOS 10 new update was designed for the iPhone 5, which later included iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad Pro range, and 6th-gen iPod touch. Users will be prompted to the upgrade automatically but can also be done manually in Setting>General>Software Update.

Meanwhile, users who got the iOS 10 update reported issues of "bricking" their devices, The Guardian reported. Apple previously confirmed the issue which they reported affected only a small number of users in the first hour and have been fixed but even later on, complaints persisted. The iOS 10 was supposed to boast a smarter Siri, revamped keyboard, organize photos based on time, location, people, and fix security issues but the update reportedly caused a few apps and devices to stop working.

The iOS 10 was reportedly Apple's smoothest major upgrade in a long time. The update is said to run quickly. The iOS 10.0.1 is seen to have not much changes and features. An update with upgrading camera functionality to include an improved portrait mode that blurs the background is not expected to arrive before October. Watch iOS 10 GM Released! 5+ New Features & Changes Review here:


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