Diabetes Alert: Long Daytime Naps Are Warning Signs of Type-2 Diabetes, Study Finds? Smartphone To Be Used as Diabetes Tracker?


Taking naps offer some benefits, including relaxing your body and brain. However, a study suggests that taking a long nap could be a sign of  Type-2 Diabetes.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo found out that taking long naps may increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 45 per cent, Telagraph UK reported. The researchers used data from 21 studies with the records of daily level of napping of more than 300,000 people.

While working for the study, the researchers found there was no risk before one hour of sleeping, however, if napping took more than one hour during the afternoon, it appears to become harmful with the risk increasing the more time a person is asleep. The researchers believed that failing to complete the sleep cycle could lead increase risk of diabetes.

"Several studies have demonstrated beneficial effects of taking short naps less than 30 minutes in duration, which help to increase alertness and motor skills," lead author Dr Yamada Tomahide said.

Meanwhile, smartphones can be used as a diabetes checker as there are more apps that can be downloaded from Google Store. Some of these apps can help patients with diabetes to measure the blood sugar accurately so the patients can control dIabetes. 

The rate of people with diabetes is increasing, especially in India. This could be the reason why developers came up to create these healthy apps.

As mentioned earlier, there are many apps being added to Google play store. If you are seeking for health apps that could check your blood sugar, here is the list of apps from Gizbot that you can try.

Glucose Buddy

This app is available on Android and iOS. It helps users with diabetes in keeping their health related data in one place.

This app tracks patient's food habit, timely medication, blood pressure, and weight. The app also offers instant updates.


It is available for Android, iOS, and even Windows platform. It offers on-the-go tracking, where you can keep checking the plan while taking your meal at the restaurant.

It works both online and offline. It can backup all the information, reports, and analysis. It can also provide the diet plan.

Diabetes Tracker

This app helps users with diabetes to calculate and track their blood sugar level, insulin intake, and other important aspects easier. By helping patients to calculate the blood sugar and insulin intake, they can manage their diet better and keep blood sugar lever under control.

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