Zika News and Update: Aerial Spraying Starts in Miami Beach, 84 Pregnant Confirmed Infected With Zika Virus In Florida


Amid Zika spread in Florida, aerial spraying in Miami Beach has been started to combat mosquitoes. In the same state, there are 84 pregnant women confirmed infected by Zika virus.

Before dawn Friday, Sept. 9, a plane carrying the insecticide released the spray over that Atlantic Ocean, Sun Sentinel reported. According to Miami-Dade County officials, on board meteorological equipment has been used to measure conditions and calculate the flight patten.

There were residents opposed the spraying. But, the country officials said that the low concentration of naled won't harm the health of the residents.

The Aerial spraying harms adult mosquitoes. There is also a pesticide for larvae, which will be sprayed on the ground.

Another round of spraying insecticide is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 11, at 6 a.m.

The increasing numbers of Zika cases continue as on Thursday, Sept. 8, Florida Health officials confirmed that there are 84 pregnant women in the state have been infected with the Zika virus, Daily Beast reported.

During the forum about the Zika virus at the University of Miami, doctors said that they are encouraging infected women to speak publicly about the health issue so they could call the attention of people. However, only one of the infected women agreed to do the doctors' suggestion.

The forum came after a day a baby born at t Jackson Memorial Hospital, who was reported has microcephaly as his/her mother has been infected by Zika virus.

Microcephaly, a congenital defect causing incomplete brain development, thus, resulted to abnormal smallness of the head of a baby, is one of the effects of Zika virus.

On Thursday, the doctors said they predict there will be spiked in the number of babies born to Zika-infected mothers within the next few months. Currently, there are 56 Zika cases have been reported.

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