Exercise To Cut Alcohol Health Risks, Cancels Out Cancer? Learn More About The Benefits Of Exercise![VIDEO]


You have another reason why you need to commit to find time for exercising as study finds it could cut alcohol health risks. Aside from that, it could also cancel out cancer. 

Exercising is not only for those who are aiming to get the right shape. For those health conscious, and want to avoid risks of cancer, a study suggests that a recommended amount of work out could cancel out the higher risks of cancer, CNN reported. The source added that even though you don't go to gym to spend time for exercising, but you are involved into lots of physical activities, you can lessen any greater risk of death.  

Dr. Emmanuel Stamatakis, the senior author of the study that published in the British Journal of Sports Medicin said, despite the damage that alcohol gives to the human body, the abused of taking it still continues. Aside from giving warning about the danger of taking too much booze, the alcohol consumption still rises.

Stamatakis' colleagues helped him gathered data from health surveys conducted in England and Scotland, They grouped the people who participated in the study.

The total number of people who participated is 36,370 people age 40 and above. They divided the group into three categories: not very active in exercising, moderate amount of exercising, and those who regularly exercise. The other research team looked at alcohol use among the participants.

Researchers found out that compared with lifelong abstinence from alcohol, drinking at hazardous levels was linked to the increasing risk of death from all causes. Aside from that, more alcohol units drunk each week may lead to greater risk of death from cancer. The recommended weekly maximum drink for women is eight, and for men is 12.
The researchers found that occasional drinking appeared to help protect against deaths from all causes and even heart disease deaths among adults who got the recommended exercise.

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