iFix Solves Headphone Jack Mystery on iPhone 7: Discovery Reveals That It Is For A “Barometric Vent”


iFixit is the knight in shining armor of the mobile industry and it has done once again a wonderful job of opening a brand new iPhone and showing customers what's really inside the newest product of Apple.

iFix have shared few of the tweaks that make the iPhone 7. One of which is its being waterproof. In iFix's 'tearing' apart of iPhone 7, it discovered that the reason behind this wonderful innovation is the glue that necessarily sticks the phone together. Thus, it may be very hard to retain its being waterproof once the phone is repaired or replaced. Moreover, despite the phone's lack of any way to insert analog audio rather than the built in stereo speakers, the iPhone still consists of three CirrusLogic audio chips, according to The Verge.

Having mentioned the lost audio jack, iPhone 7 contains speaker grilles on both side of the Lightning plug, however the loudspeaker is only found on the right side. So what's on the other side where the headphone jack used to be located? Apparently, this area is also where the microphone is traditionally placed, and the thing is its still there however it has been reconstructed to have a refreshed speaker-look-a-like exterior.

So what's inside? Well, a piece of plastic is placed behind the ingress protection, the area where the headphone jack is supposed to be placed. According to Apple, this piece of plastic is a "barometric vent." Basically, when Apple designed the iPhone 7 with a waterproof technology, it is apparent that Apple made it more than just a sealed box and to have an efficiently working barometer, then they used that space strategically. The barometer's function is to let the phone do measurements of altitude, and Apple capitalized that the iPhone 7 can measure even a simple lift like climbing stairs.

Apple has also been strong in their contention that the headphone jack's removal isn't solely for a better physical space. However, it is more about the entirety of the phone, BuzzFeed reported

So the mystery is solved! The plastic is a barometric vent. However, the reactions about the headphone jack removal is still an issue.  


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